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Becoming Honey Do Honey


Hi! My name is Carrie. 

I'm just your regular stay at home mom. My days are full and chaotic taking care of my three little boys, and honestly it wasn't long ago that I had no idea how to work a drill. 

After the birth of my second son, I found myself buried in mom duties (most of which I loved) but recognized my need for a creative outlet. I decided it was time I stopped watching other people create (and in turn, creating "honey-do" lists for my husband) and begin to take creating into my own hands (literally). 

With no prior knowledge, I began researching how to use the power tools sitting in my garage, experimenting with different designs, and ultimately being open to making mistakes if it meant that I was going to learn. 
One thing led to another, and here I am - leaving "honey-do's" in the past, and becoming the "Honey-Do Honey".

My goal is to document my projects - ideas I have, things I've learned, mistakes I've made, in order to help you gain the confidence you need to take creating into your own hands. 
Trust me when I say, the whole experience will be life changing. 

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