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A Challenge of Tranquility

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

My friends and family know I have been waiting for this day for months. One Room Challenge Day! This is the start of my very first One Room Challenge journey! Let's back up for some context. Ever since I bought my first home about five years ago, I have been drawn to DIY. Even before I got hooked on DIY myself I used to love watching from the safe distance on social media. The One Room Challenge was always my favorite because people from all walks of life would complete these absolutely amazing home transformations in seemingly no time it all. What a dopamine kick it was to see so many lifeless "before" pictures turn into magic. Just about two years ago, I got to the point where I began feeling unsatisfied just watching others create and decided it was time for me to see if I had in me. I chose to fully dive in and learn everything I could and here I am two years later, completely obsessed.

The growth I've experience in two years still amazes me. I went from not knowing how to fill a nail hole in the wall or turn on a cordless drill - to now joining the One Room Challenge. I feel confident, motivated, and excited to take on an entire room, by myself, in only 8 weeks. LETS DO THIS! I should mention, that while this is my first One Room Challenge, this is definitely not my first transformation. We moved into our current home in June of 2021 and I have already transformed the large majority of the home - but I have been holding out on this particular project because I knew it was going to be really special. The room I will be working on for this challenge is my PRIMARY BATHROOM! I am not exaggerating in saying that the moment I walked into this bathroom during our initial showing of the home, I was hit with a vision for the room design and I am so happy it is finally time to make that vision a reality. First, let's look at what the bathroom currently looks like.

When you walk into the bathroom, this is what you see:

On your left is a basic double vanity with one large builder grade mirror.

A large bathtub with surrounding windows (my favorite!) is directly in front of you.

The toilet and a corner shower sit directly to your right.

The floors are linoleum, the vanity top is laminate, and there is no backsplash or special wall treatments anywhere. The ceiling is popcorn.

Basically, it's a completely blank slate - which is my favorite to work with!

This bathroom has endless potential.

What really excites me about this room is that it is so average.

It seems to be a pretty standard example of the kind of bathroom that so many people have.

I am so excited to share what my plans are for the next 8 weeks to hopefully inspire you with the absolute magic that can be created in a standard bathroom. While we plan to do a full remodel someday, that is just not at all possible with our budget right now. Which brings me to another exciting point: this transformation is budget friendly.

For months now, I have been scouring thrift stores and creating building plans for this particular renovation.

I am going to be working my tail off, but the work I'm doing will all be on projects that almost anyone can do

and I will be sharing every step of the way.

You see, as a young family of five living on one income,

my specialty has become budget DIY.

This is not only because it HAS to be! (Ha!)

But also because I love the challenge of finding creative design solutions.

I can not wait to share with you the amazing transformation you can make, on a very average room, without burning through your entire savings.

I hope you're as excited as I am!

I love watching huge extravagant transformations just as much as anyone. However, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes it can be discouraging to see gorgeous room reveals and to feel like a transformation like that is out of my reach.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these kind of big transformations - we plan to do a big one someday if our budget ever allows it! However, my desire throughout this challenge is to share with you the huge transformation that can still take place in a home,

even if you're living on one income and/or if haven't been saving for a particular project for years.

Do you believe me when I say that when I am done with this bathroom, you will not recognize it. CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED?!

Let's get to that mood board!

I'm excited to share that this is my very first time creating a physical mood board.

While I've never created a mood board before, I do, however, always start a project with a word - an emotion, a particular feeling that I want to feel when I'm in that room. Are you ready for this room's word? "Tranquil."

Tranquil is defined as "free from disturbance; calm." My design plan for this room is one that will take you back in time, if you will.

To a time before phones, business meetings, and social media.

A time before screens and schedules dictated by time.

I want this bathroom to feel earthy, organic, calm, quiet, and still.

old world.

I plan to stimulate all the senses so that when you walk in, you feel present.

So present that there is no need, no desire, to pull out a device that takes you away.

The feeling of taking in a breath of fresh air.

The feeling of being.

One of my favorite writers and musicians, William Fitzsimmons sings beautifully: "I will pull you from the water let your lungs return to air

take you back unto the shore

and lead you home." "From the Water" I hope this room, makes me feel that. So what specific projects do I plan to do? Here are just some of them: (I have to leave SOME surprises!) Painting the wall in Roman Clay texture. Scraping the popcorn ceiling and building wooden beams. Adding new thrifted mirrors, building a light fixture, and creating a concrete vanity top. Painting the floors. Building new window trim, shelves, and storage solutions

Painting and adding details to vanity cabinets. Bringing some new life to the shower and tub

I hope you're as excited as I am. Please join me along the way as I will be documenting daily in real time on my instagram account I will be updating this blog with all the intricate details weekly, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything! I cant wait to begin this Challenge of Tranquility with you.

Let's go create some magic. To see the other rooms the other amazingly talented participants are working on this year, check out



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